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Ebara End Suction Volute Pump GS

Ebara Closed Coupled Pumps SD Series

Ebara Vertical In-Line Pumps LPD

Ebara Submersible Dewatering Pumps Es & EA

Used In Industrial Process Cooling & Heating Applied in Chemical Industrial, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Process Industry, Rubber Glove Industry, Oil & Gas Industrial, Edible Oil etc

Yuanzhou Gasket Type Heat Exchanger


Hitachi Air-Cooled Chiller RCU-AHYZ1

Hitachi Air-Cooled Chiller R134A

Hitachi Air-Cooled Chiller Screw Type R134A, RCUF50WZPY1

Hitachi Air-Cooled Chiller Screw Compressor RCUF50AZPY1

Hitachi LCD Display Card

Hitachi PCB C-8037

Hitachi Control Setting

Hitachi PCB C-8038

Hitachi Compressor ASCCW-Z Solenoid Valve

Hitachi Low Pressure Gauge

Hitachi High Pressure Gauge

Anti Freeze Thermostat (Mechanical)

Used In Hitachi Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Chiller, Low Temperature Refrigeration Brine Chiller

Hitachi Screw Compressor ASCCW-Z

Internal Major Component of Latest Hitachi Screw Compressor

Hitachi Screw Compressor ASCCW-Z Exploded View


Hitachi Water-Cooled Chiller Screw Compressor RCUG-WHYZ-E Series R407C & R22

Hitachi Water-Cooled Chiller Screw Compressor RCUG-WHYZ-E R22 & R407C

Hitachi Water-Cooled Chiller Screw Compressor RCUG120WHYZ-E

Hitachi Water-Cooled Chiller Screw Compressor RCUF420WZPY

IFC Flow Switch HF-68P (Nylon 1")


IFC Flow Switch HF-68 Series


Menergy Air-Cooled Chiller


Menergy Water-Cooled Chiller


Midea Centrifugal Chiller


Midea Magnetic Compressor Water-Cooled water Chiller


Midea Water-Cooled Flooded Type Screw Chiller


Air-Vent (Automatic)


Yuanzhou Plate Heat Exchanger Model TB200H-148X

Gasket of All Brands Available. Alfa Laval ,Sweep, Gea Ecoflex

Plate & Gasket


Sikelan Filter Core DS-48 & HS-48

Sikelan Filter Drier SEK

Sikelan Filter Drier SAD

Sikelan Filter Drier SDCL

VB-3000 Brass Valve D04

VB-2000 Brass Valve D02


VB-7000 Flange Valve D08


VB-2010 Cast Iron Valve DO1


SRD02 on-off 10~30Nm D06

SRD02 on-off 2,4,6,8Nm D09

SRD02 Modulating 10~30Nm DO6

SRD02 Modulating 2,4,6,8Nm DO8

LK01B Flow Switch DO2

LK01A Flow Switch DO3


Sinro Motorized Ball Valve


Sinro SRT025E Series Electronic Thermostat

Sinro SRT04E Electronic Thermostat

Sinro SRT02EA Electronic Thermostat

Sinro SRE07 Series Electronic Thermostat

SER-24-06 Self Reset Battery D01

TSC-8XXX-103B39 Temperature Sensor D01

TSP Temperature Sensor DO3

SRW03 Wireless Control Unit DO1

VA-3300/3400 Easy Installation Actuator DO2

SRA01W Series Wireless Control Actuator DO1

SRT06XU Electrothermal Actuator DO3

SRT06X Electrothermal Actuator DO3

SRV061 Valve Body DO7

SR2020 Series Detachable Valve DO1

SR2010 Series Detachable Valve DO9

SR2000 Series Detachable Valve DO4

TZW526 Series Motor DO2

For Measuring Water or other fluid flow inside the pipe by ultra sound.Portable, easy to use.

Untra Sound Flow Meter

Portable Ultra Sound Flow Meter for Measuring Flow


Yojo Brazed Heat Exchanger

Yojo Brazed Heat Exchanger

Yojo Brazed PHE

Yojo Brazed PHE ZL-52A & 52B Series

Yojo Brazed PHE ZL-14A & 14B Series


Yojo Brazed PHE ZL-30A & B Series


Yojo Titanium PHE BH-30B-52D

Yojo SS316 PHE BH-100-102D

Yojo SMO254 PHE BH-30-52D


Yojo Plate Heat Exchanger Products catalog


Yojo Gasket Type Plate Heat Exchanger

Yojo Brazed PHE

Yuanzhou Gasket Type Plate Heat Exchanger


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